2019; Something Beautiful – Feature Film (PRE PRODUCTION)

After his fiancée wakes up from a coma with no memories of him and the name of a strange man on her lips, Louis, a business mogul, must help her regain her memories, even if it means seeking the help of the one man who can take her away from him forever.

NICOLE WILLIAMS (played by Janine), a successful writer who has everything going for her, a good man and a great career, until her life is torn apart by an old family secret. Nicole is vulnerable and but also strong and she sees the good in people. Her life becomes complicated by the love of two men in her life, Louis who is going to be Her fiancée, and Ted who she has some history with from another life and only Nicole can make the decision that can change their whole lives.

Filming is due to start later this year

Good Farewells – TV Series (SCRIPT)

GOOD FAREWELLS, a comedy-drama series, follows a team working in a corporate funeral planning agency that go through the rigorous daily activities of planning funeral services while trying to juggle the conflicts in their personal lives.

ROCKY SIMON (played by Janine), a laid back, stern looking but beautiful young woman. She works as the accountant in Good Farewells and Mike’s partner. She has a limited tolerance for anyone, especially for Jenny Shepherd’s overrunning emotions. We love her even more for her imperfections.

Skinwalker – Feature Film (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Mother Nature releases an ancient Native American curse to prey upon a group of college students abusing nature.

Janine will be playing Samantha Law – more details coming soon…

The Bowel – Feature Film (SCRIPT)

Three characters who are the only living people who know the truth of what happened to a girl called Kiri Craw.  Her body was never found. One of them named Joss, finds himself and his friends trapped in a plague of supernatural vengeance. Their family and friends start dying one by one so they seek help from Anastasia.

ANASTASIA MANALOVA (played by Janine) is a new-age Wiccan. She helps to stop the killings of this supernatural force.  A secret Joss has kept hidden for so long may be the only escape—a dark piece to this sadistic puzzle warded safely within the confines of a demonic tomb known as The Bowel.

2019; To The Bitter End: Behind Closed Doors – TV Series (COMPLETED)

A classical musician suffering from the loss of his brother falls prey to paranormal activity feeding off of his depression, and tensions escalate when his sister Kathy takes matters into her own hands, until Evelyn Bishop shows up.

EVELYN BISHOP – A British army nurse and wife (unknown to both Kathy and Billy) of James, the deceased brother. She arrives unannounced into Kathy’s life claiming to be her brother’s widow throwing Kathy into a state of uncertainty. Kathy has been after James’ inheritance money all season, and after she thinks she’s about to get it, Evelyn, James’ widow, arrives with a claim for it.  Despite being a hardened nurse from the British military, Evelyn is a sophisticated woman. Fashionable, confident, and walks with a purpose in life. Though scared at what may lie ahead with the answers she is seeking about James’ life, she presses on.

Janine will be in the following episode’s in season 1

  • 1.1 The Beginning of the End
  • 1.5 Past, Present and Future
  • 1.6 All Roads Lead to You (season finale)

To The Bitter End: Behind Closed Doors is proudly showcasing on Amazon Prime.

It premieres on Amazon UK December 2019. CLICK to watch.  It will be on Amazon in the US at a slightly later date.



2019; Covert Activity – Film (POST PRODUCTION)

Tired of living the mundane life, Owain McClure sets out to make a movie to honor his late mother’s life as a spy. Recruiting his almost equally enthusiastic pal Hamish to cast aside such ordinary thoughts of a pension plan and make the ultimate spy-thriller; as he plans to shoot the film undercover at the place where they work.

SHARICE (Played by Janine) is a wannabe actress who will do literally anything to catch the directors attention until she gets that role!

The Film has been doing really well on the festival circuit and has already won awards at:

  • Winner! Honorable Mention – Best Comedy: Top Shorts Film Festival
  • Winner! Jury Prize – Best Assembly Cast: Culver City Film Festival
  • Winner! Honorable Mention: Global Shorts, Los Angeles
  • Winner! Silver Award – Best Comedy Short: Independents Shorts Award


2018; Illville – TV Pilot (COMPLETED) Click for TRAILER

“A young boy is killed by a police officer (Lynch), and his family and friends are looking to avenge his death.”

Janine stars as Becky, mistress to Jimmy Lynch; a police officer. Becky is completely different to his wife, and Lynch can feel free with her. She doesn’t judge him and she’s fun to be around. She keeps him sane when everything is caving in on him. Becky is a very flirtatious, confident, extrovert woman. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants. She uses men to fill in a void and deal with her pain. She does not love Jimmy, but she has become very fond of him.

Here’s the latest interview release featuring Janine Gateland as “Becky” in Illville :  CLICK to watch 

The TV Pilot has already been getting some attention:

  • Nominated Best Screenplay: Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2018
  • Official Selection: Black Screenplays Matter 2018
  • Official Selection: Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2019



2018; 6:38: The Death of Ronni Chasen – Film (FILMING)

Janine plays an agent in the crime movie thats based on a true story.

The story unfolds on an in-depth investigation of a Los Angeles homecide.

Janine stars alongside Roslyn Gentle (American Crime Story). The film is directed and written by Ryan Katzenbach (Titanic: Sinking The Myths)

More details to come soon….

2018; Modern American Nightmare – Film (COMPLETED) Click for TRAILER

Modern American Nightmare is about a guy called Billy.  He is battling emotions over the loss of his brother in the Iraq war.  He is consumed by a demonic presence which is forcing him to live his greatest nightmare – himself.  Dr Asher (played by Janine Gateland) is his therapist who tries to get Billy to overcome his emotions but with dia consequences.

The Film has been doing really well on the festival circuit and has already won awards at:

  • Semi Finalist Award Winner for Best Film: Los Angeles CineFest
  • Nominated for Best Film: Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
  • Official Selection: IndieCapitol Film Awards in Washington DC
  • Official Selection: Branson International Film Festival in Minnesota
  • Official Selection: Indy Spotlight Network
  • Official Selection: Los Angeles Cinefest online 2018


Modern American Nightmare is proudly showcasing on Amazon Prime.

It premiered on Amazon UK on the 4th July, 2018. CLICK to rent or buy.

It will be on Amazon in the US at a slightly later date.

2018; Turn Off The Lights – PLAY (COMPLETED)

Janine starred in the modern play ‘Turn Off The Lights’ at McCadden Place Theater in the heart of Hollywood.

She played ‘Samantha McCallister’, the fashion conscious entertainment lawyer who tries to protect her family when her father is in danger.

Janine was also the executive producer for this show too.

The play was a sell out and became a huge success.  The production was also filmed and is now on IMDb

“ I’m your sweet as honey, butter wouldn’t melt, loyal best friend by day… and the conniving stuck-up, devious and cold hearted rich bitch by night! ”

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