Reed Health Care – TV (COMPLETED)

This is Janine’s first tv appearance as Sister Nurse Jenny for NHS 247 TV.  Directed by James Esposito.

The English Language – Film (COMPLETED)

The dollar has fallen again against the euro and the pound. ‘The English Language’ explores the implications of this currency fluctuation on a company based in the UK.

Michelle Robinson (played by Janine) is a confident, warm but firm, no-nonsense tv reporter who is able to bring in politicians, movie stars, world leaders and correspondents onto her show.

The Test – Film (COMPLETED)

‘The Test’ is a subject matter suspense thriller set in south east London.  Natasha is the main cause of so much suffering throughout the drama.

Directed by Joel Chu at ETC Films, Janine takes on the role of Natasha – a south east London gangland girl.

The film was taken to Cannes Film Festival.


Product of the 80’s – Film (COMPLETED)

The film revolves around the main female character Anne-Marie (played by Janine) who receives a surprise visit from her childhood sweetheart.  He shares with her a secret her husband does not know, putting her in an awkward situation.

Product of the 80’s is directed by Alex Barrett and the film proudly went on the festival circuit.

All Bound Up – Film (COMPLETED)

Three men fall foul of a lady who is not as nice as she first seems.

Candy (played by Janine), a trained assassin, goes on a killing spree.  Taking out vengeance on what is rightfully hers.

The Zombie Enigma – Film (COMPLETED)

Set in 1920’s America and shot in black and white, this thriller directed by Matt Thomas is the story of a sister’s search for her brother before it is too late.

Janine in the title role of Jane finds herself being rescued by Detective John Bramley.

Three and a Half – Film (COMPLETED)

Directed by Larissa Alves, the story revolves around a man caught between the love of two women.

Janine plays Claudia, stuck in the middle of this very complicated relationship.

Lesson – Film (COMPLETED)

Lesson is about a mother (played by Janine), who struggles with raising her child as her husband is never home.  She devises a play to make her husband see, family is more important than material things.

Studs – Theater (COMPLETED)

Studs is the story of two ‘tomboy’ friends whose love for football unites them, but the friendship eventually dissolves in disaster!

Janine played the role of Mandy.   Directed by Jamie Ramsburg and performed at the Soho Theatre, London.

Red Devils – Theater (COMPLETED)

Performed at The Criterion Theatre, London, and directed by Esta Charkham.  The story revolves around 3 brassy Northern girls who are Manchester United fans.  They meet to watch their team The Reds on a Saturday afternoon.

Janine plays the feisty die hard fan Nita.  Loves a laugh with her girls and can’t live without The Reds in her life.

“ I’m your sweet as honey, butter wouldn’t melt, loyal best friend by day… and the conniving stuck-up, devious and cold hearted rich bitch by night! ”

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