“A young boy is killed by a police officer (Lynch), and his family and friends are looking to avenge his death.”

Janine stars as Becky, mistress to Jimmy Lynch; a police officer. Becky is completely different to his wife, and Lynch can feel free with her. She doesn’t judge him and she’s fun to be around. She keeps him sane when everything is caving in on him. Becky is a very flirtatious, confident, extrovert woman. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants. She uses men to fill in a void and deal with her pain. She does not love Jimmy, but she has become very fond of him.

The TV Pilot has already been getting some attention:

  • Nominated Best Screenplay: Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2018
  • Official Selection: Black Screenplays Matter 2018
  • Official Selection: Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2019