A classical musician suffering from the loss of his brother falls prey to paranormal activity feeding off of his depression, and tensions escalate when his sister Kathy takes matters into her own hands, until Evelyn Bishop shows up.

EVELYN BISHOP – A British army nurse and wife (unknown to both Kathy and Billy) of James, the deceased brother. She arrives unannounced into Kathy’s life claiming to be her brother’s widow throwing Kathy into a state of uncertainty. Kathy has been after James’ inheritance money all season, and after she thinks she’s about to get it, Evelyn, James’ widow, arrives with a claim for it.  Despite being a hardened nurse from the British military, Evelyn is a sophisticated woman. Fashionable, confident, and walks with a purpose in life. Though scared at what may lie ahead with the answers she is seeking about James’ life, she presses on.

Janine will be in the following episode’s in season 1

  • 1.1 The Beginning of the End
  • 1.5 Past, Present and Future
  • 1.6 All Roads Lead to You (season finale)

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