Modern American Nightmare is about a guy called Billy.  He is battling emotions over the loss of his brother in the Iraq war.  He is consumed by a demonic presence which is forcing him to live his greatest nightmare – himself.  Dr Asher (played by Janine Gateland) is his therapist who tries to get Billy to overcome his emotions but with dia consequences.

The Film has been doing really well on the festival circuit and has already won awards at:

  • Semi Finalist Award Winner for Best Film: Los Angeles CineFest
  • Nominated for Best Film: Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
  • Official Selection: IndieCapitol Film Awards in Washington DC
  • Official Selection: Branson International Film Festival in Minnesota
  • Official Selection: Indy Spotlight Network
  • Official Selection: Los Angeles Cinefest online 2018


Modern American Nightmare is proudly showcasing on Amazon Prime.

It premiered on Amazon UK on the 4th July, 2018. CLICK to rent or buy.

It will be on Amazon in the US at a slightly later date.