Janine is originally from Yorkshire, in the North of England and she now resides in Los Angeles. She started dancing at the age of 7 and has been performing ever since!  

She was first cast in the historical 'York Mystery Plays'.  Janine was then offered a place at the prestigious Drama School - 'The Arts Educational School', London.  There she studied the techniques of many renowned playwrights. 

Janine went on to appear in many successful theater productions which included Ducking Smith in 'Our Country's Good' at York Theater Royal, UK.  Her West End credits include 'Studs' at The Soho Theater and 'Red Devils' at The Criterion Theater, London.  She also featured in the new comedy 'Forget Me Knot' at The Courtyard Theater, London.

She completed 'The Test' with Director Joel Chu at ETC Films, and then took the movie to Cannes Film Festival.  Janine's major commercial work was with 'Nintendo Wii Fit Plus'; where she was publicized on all major TV channels, magazines and bill boards across the UK and Ireland.

Being a SAG-AFTRA member, her most recent work includes a U.S National commercial for Disney, horror movie 'The Closing', and then she went on to star in a leading role as 'Tiffany Forbes' for horror/ thriller movie "F***, Marry, Kill", working alongside Timothy Carhart (Thelma & Louise) and Lora Scott (Wanted).  She was also the Executive Producer and writer for this movie.  The film premiered at Sunscreen Film Festival in Hermosa Beach, CA. It has continued to win awards at many festivals and has just won an award at Los Angeles Movie Awards in Hollywood.  It is also a semi-finialist at Fabulous Short Film Night in London and in the official selection at Birmingham Horror Festival in the UK this month.

She's just finished filming 'Modern American Nightmare', playing a therapist, TV Pilot 'Illville', playing a mistress to a cop, the lead male.  She did a movie based on a true story - '6:38: The Death Of Ronni Chasen' as an Agent and she has just finished performing and producing a stage play 'Turn Off The Lights' in Hollywood at McCadden Place Theater, which was a sell out!  The show was also filmed.  She played Samantha, an entertainment lawyer.

Janine also has in the pipeline, the TV series 'NorthSiders', with Shire Productions and feature film 'To The Bitter End' which will be the feature length version of 'Modern American Nightmare'

Slated for theatrical release in the U.S and the U.K in 2020, Janine will take on the lead role of Sarah Adams in romantic comedy 'Let's Just Do It', directed by Gene Fallaize.  Filming begins in the coming year, in Los Angeles and parts of the U.K.

Awards and Achievements

Janine has received many awards for her performing excellence over the last couple of years including:

- The Lilian Baylis Award Winner presented at The Old Vic by Brian Daniels

  (Chief Executive and Artistic Director of The New End Theatre - Picture on the right);

- The Sir John Gielgud Charitable Trust Bursary;

- The Lionel Bart Foundation Award and The Tim Rice Charitable Trust among others.  

- Plus she was The Spotlight Prize Nominee.


Janine would like to thank Graham Norton, Julia Walters, Sir Ian Holm, Susan Hampshire, Brian Cox, Nathaniel Parker, Noah Taylor, Kevin Whately, Richard Briers, Matthew Kelly and Esta Charkham for their support encouragement.